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    What's the advantages of your rendering machine?

    2017-01-16 16:04:10 Read

    Some customers complain that our machines are so expensive compare to the other company’s products. As a matter of fact, there are so many advantages of our machine, please see follows:

    1.     Our hydraulic system uses vertical oil sealing system, every time it can seal the oil very fast, it holds the pressure very well. Those copy manufacturers use side oil sealing, the steel bead for sealing the oil was influenced by the gravity, it will go downwards to leak the hydraulic pressure. Once the machine with not enough hydraulic pressure, the machine cannot work or to plaster the wall.   

    2.     We are the only one company which possesses special processing equipment for producing wall plastering machine, we called it the Power Head equipment, which is researched and developed by us you cannot buy it from the market. We use this equipment to drill the holes of the main upright of the body frame without any thermal change, that’s how we made the two uprights on a same plane. We all know that welding deformation is world’s challenges, if you cannot make the two main upright on a same plane, how can you guarantee the flatness of the wall on a vertical plane. Those manufacturers without this Power Head equipment, they cannot produce the wall plastering machine for use.

    3.     We have already changed the driving system into quartered double chain driving system, it’s drive units is the chain, and goes up and down through the gear and rack. We used bevel gear to drive before its force parts is only one tooth, once the machine goes wrong or the position switch dysfunction, it is easy to damage the reducing gear, then the whole machine will fall down from the high. And the chain driving system only three fourths of the parts being stressed, it won’t hit the tooth.

    4.     Our rendering machines are equipped with big torque overload protection, and this torque was selected from the best among the three suppliers, and customized according to our special requirement, even though, we still need to disassemble this parts, and polished its friction plate and friction disk with our special equipment for 24hours, and then reassemble after its contact surface reach up to 85%, we paid much attention on its craft.

    5.    Its hydraulic bottom stand is designed to be universal ball head, so it won’t be affected by the floor’s condition, and the counterfeit machine is fixed tightly.

    6.    The combined bar for holding up the mortar will increase 30% of the volume, and the counterfeit machine just increase the height of the tank’s plate, and the mortar will flow away from the two sides when the vibrator is vibrating during its rising, and it also cause troubles to clear the mortar on the floor, meanwhile, since the mortar tank is too high, you can’t add the mortar second time when it rises to a certain height.

    7.     The gas spring of the mortar tank is equipped with dustproof device, it can prevent the sands from getting into, and it’s very strong and not easy to deformation. The counterfeit machine without any protection, once the sands get into the gas spring, it cannot be used anymore.

    8.     The limit levers design very conveniently; it can be used easily when you are standing on the ground, and you can put it on the ground first and then extend the pull rod to touch the beam, just lock up the handle is OK, and you don’t need to measure the thickness of the beam anymore. We don’t use the previous ways before, like fixed the machine first, then a person stand on the machine to measure the thickness of beam and assemble two hoops on the guide rail, or two persons to pull down the stickup rods with iron chain, it’s easy to warp the plaster plate.

    9.     The press button is with silicone rubber case for sealing, because it’s easy to have sand in your hands when you are working in the construction sites. And when the sand get into the press button makes the button cannot pupup again, it will make all the limit switches breakdown. Or cause the electric shock hazard when the water get into the press button, it’s very dangerous.

    10.   Elastic plate for protecting the overhead: it’s no need to disassemble even meets a lintel, all we need is to hold the upright to hit the lintel several times is OK, if there is no lintel; you can use a spade to hit it.

    11.   Heavy machine frequency conversion: this is the special product which is cooperative developed by our technicians and the supplier; we don’t assemble a single two-phase electric box anymore, because we all know that it’s not durable.

    12.   Our machine has 13 sets investment casting moulds, no matter which part is broken; they can replace it in any time. But the counterfeit manufacturer uses the welded parts and components, if the accessories are broken, you need to send it back to factory to customize again.

    13.   The plastering plate we produced is made of hard alloy, it’s harder than the drill, and the screw hole was drilled before it became rigid, because after it become hard, you cannot processing anymore, and the counterfeit manufacturers are used stainless steel plate or leaf spring, its neither durable nor abrasion, and the plate edge is easy wearing.

    14.   Our machine’s support plate is a kind of high strengthen aluminum which is cooperative developed by our company and FengLu, the biggest aluminum manufacturer in China, and it has been through finalize the design and oxidation treatment.

    15.   The vibrator:  to use waterproof vibrator provided with spring device and increase its vibrating power twice before, and it will be more durable than before.

    16.  There are two side covers on both sides, it’s easy to wash and fill the lubricating oil and it also provided with sealing strips and the counterfeit machine do not have it.

    17.   We are using electric motors from Taiwan’s electric motor’s manufacturer, TAIJIE, which is commented better by our customers that TAICHUAN, the motor we used before, and they said, the Taichuan’s electric motor will go down slightly after it reach the top.

    18.   The vibrators are from Taiwan’s Putian Company.

    19.   Our proximity switches are from Omron Company. 

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