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    What type of wall can be plastered by the machine?

    2017-01-16 16:04:09 Read

    Our wall rendering machine is suitable for most of the normal walls, like brick wall, block wall, cement wall, etc.

    The walls can be divided into water absorption wall and non water absorption wall.

    It need to watering the wall before plastering.

    Refer to the non water absorption wall, you need to spray slurry on the wall to make the wall rough, and then use the machine after the cement slurry became solid, and you need to control the thickness of the wall, if you use middle sands or coarse sands, the thickness of the wall is 2cm would be better, if you use small sands the wall’s thickness for 1.5 cm would be OK.

    As a matter of fact, it is just the normal process same as you plaster by hand.

    If the wall is not flat and even with more than 30mm error, you need to fill up the wall to make the error less than 3cm, then the rendering effect is the best.

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