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    Our core research team consists of eight professional engineers from Hong Kong and mainland of China. Since 2005, EZ RENDA has promoted ten models of wall rendering machine, including WB-09, WB-09L, EZ-VISTA-2012, EZ-VISTA-2013, EZ-XP-1000, EZ-XP-1200, EZ-XP-1350, EZ-XP-2014-1000, EZ-XP-2014-1200 & EZ-ROBOT . We have got 6 patents until early 2013.
      In late 2013, EZ RENDA released extended line for wall rendering machine. Now air-compressed high pressure sprayer machine, airless paint sprayer, wall sanding machine & mixers are on sales.
      EZ RENDA's R&D Team won't stop here! We are improving to bring more convenience & value for customers.

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